An Incredible Opportunity for Professional Ballet Dancers

by Gabriela Simich in , ,

As a dancer, there is nothing like having new choreography created on you.  This is why I recommend the National Choreographers Initiative to any professional ballet dancer who is wanting more out of dance.  

I am now going on my 4th year  working for NCI as a social media manager, YouTube Series, and assistant to the brilliant Molly Lynch, who is the creator and director of this truly special program. It is one of my favorite jobs, and I love working with a fresh set of choreographers and dancers every summer. We call it "Adult Summer Camp" because NCI is the kind of experience you will be writing home about. 

Here are what some of NCI's previous dancers have said: 

"I was honored to be able to participate in NCI in 2010 and 2011. The program that Molly Lynch has put together is so unique. Rarely does a professional dancer get the opportunity to dance within a new company dynamic while still keeping their commitments with their ballet company. Molly and Diane taught exceptional classes every morning. I was so inspired by the dancers and choreographers surrounding me, and I returned to my company feeling rejuvinated and improved- both artistically and technically. I have since recommended NCI to numerous dancers and hope they can experience the program for themselves!" -- Emily Ramirez, 2009 and 2010

" I was fortunate to have participated in the initiative for three years as a dancer. I made some great friends, but most of all grew as an artist. As I transition out of the performing aspect of my career, my goal is one day be invited to be a choreographer for NCI. After all as a dancer, there is nothing like having new work created on you. Thank you Molly for your time and energy you put towards the initiative. Sending all my best!!! Merde!!!" -- Robert Gosnell, 2004-2006

If you are a dancer who loves new work being choreographed on you, or if you know of someone who should check NCI out, please pass this on!  The open audition is March 23rd in Irvine, CA.  You can also mail in your application by March 15, 2014. Please send to:
Molly Lynch, Artistic Director
National Choreographers Initiative 
3334 E. Coast Highway #276
Corona del Mar, CA 92625 

To learn more about the NCI Dancer Application visit,