Stamp Champs: My 2nd Grade Break Dancing Pen Pal

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My amazing friend Carrie Chappell works with the wonderful organization, Big Class, in New Orleans. 

Just recently, I have been in contact with 2nd grade break dancer, Neil. We corresponDANCE with each other! Seriously, I can't wait to see what kind of ways we share our love for dance with each other. 

It took me a while to get his first letter. Out of all the pen pals, I live the furthest away being in Los Angeles! So, I set him this quick videogram. See the full post via Stamps Champs.

Finally, I received a giant letter in the mail that he had himself traced in an excellent break dancing pose.  I could tell right away that he is a true performer, and you have to admit his spelling is adorable! 

 "It is a baut to get rill in this hisey" 

"It is a baut to get rill in this hisey" 

Next, I was sent this videogram from Neil! I am so impressed with his moves! Meet my penpal, Neil "DanceStrong" Via Stamp Champs

I wanted to him to watch The Astronaut video I had made a while back since it is the closest movement I have to Hip-Hop or a street style that he might like. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time last session for Carrie to show him. I want to know what he thinks about my dancing and see if he's interested in creating our own dance together!

We are the perfect pairing, and I'm loving how he is inspiring me to go outside of my comfort zone!