Top 3 Websites for Artists

by Gabriela Simich in ,

Do Artists Need a Personal Website? Um, YES!


A personal website is home base for all your social media accounts and a place to showcase your professional portfolio.  These days, you have the ability to do it yourself for a reasonable price. Here are my top 3!

1. Squarespace  - Best option for artists. The templates are designed to enhance your work! Clean and sophisticated looks with every function you could need for your website including ecommerce abilities. My favorite part might be the customer service! You'll get a response from a human within 24-hours of submitting your ticket. AND they don't answer back with an annoying link where you have to scroll endlessly to find your answer. It's the simple things in life, such as an answered question, that I love!   

2. Wix  - Another great option with desirable templates and It's really just a matter of taste why it's number 2 for me and not 1.  I just think Squarespace is more aesthetically pleasing!  I've not heard anyone complain about using Wix because it has all the essentials.

3. Wordpress - You might need to get a little from a website designer/coder to help out if you don't find a template to your liking. However, Wordpress has been around longer than the other two and is your basic go-to website builder. They have the experience in longevity, but be on guard of spammy comments! 

You're website should look alive and move!  

Make sure to consistently update your website with new work and information. A blog is a great way to secure new content for your site and give people a reason to keep visiting it.  Whether you're an artist or not, stunning images and video are a must to provide a strong understanding of who you are and what you do as an artist. 

Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments below! 

Go on, and don't be afraid to self-promote!