the dressmaker

by Gabriela Simich in , ,

For this collaboration of poetry and dance, I had the poet choose one of her poems for my dance image. Here is what she saw...

  Photo by Gloria Plascencia 

Photo by Gloria Plascencia 

the dressmaker


because it is not the bed i want

but large timbers above my head derived

from my dreams, and a baby

wailing in need of my steady calm. because it is a day

with rain i will need a drink

on a veranda and a hamburger
from a hole-in-the-wall place

i’ll say my dad would like because

it is his way to reach for something true.

because i have tried to do this, too, i have lost

myself in the treehouse mirror. that’s why it is not

the bed that i want. that is why there’s too much

sheet between us.

-Carrie Chappell