What is Social Media Dance?

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Currently, social media provides an opportunity for artists to easily share their work.  Dance artists who have an online presence can upload work that is specific for the theater or a dance even that once must leave the house in order to fully experience.  Why not create dance specific for the online environment?

As a dancer with Nevada Ballet Theater, I asked my director, James Canfield, about the challenges of managing the company.  He explained the structure of the non-profit organization and how the dancers, who are the product of the company, are cast in a low status as financial and artistic beneficiaries.  He looked at me and said, "if you can figure out how to take the dancers out of the bottom corner and into the front and center of a ballet company: that is the golden ticket."  A few years later, I now perceive social media as the means to provide dancers with a greater sense of agency. Online networks are communities based on sharing information about yourself.  Since the social media community is structured with oneself in the center, the online artist can better control and edit her practice in a space that is shared and seen with a group of connected users.

Social media websites like Facebook allows the dance artist to spread her knowledge and passion for the art form through posts. I create dance videos specifically for the Internet, on the assumption that one does not need to be physically in the theater or at the performance location to fully experience the choreographer's intention; the dance video posted online would be the actual production.  I intend to continue to take advantage of this new performance space by using social media to allow an audience to participate and respond online. 

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